At Simply Better we have been inspired to create our natural skincare range to combat the adverse effects on our skin of Hong Kong's environment and weather (particularly during the dry winter).

The scents of our products are from aromatherapy grade essential oils. Essential oils are produced naturally by many plants and often have physical and emotional benefits when used in aromatherapy massage.

We are promoting hydrated and healthy skin. We know that essential oils and massage grade oils can help with many common skin complaints such as itchiness, dryness, eczema, acne etc.

We use natural, cold pressed, massage grade vegetable oils which are readily absorbed by the skin, providing excellent moisturisation and nutrition.

Many products on the market use mineral oils which cannot be absorbed by the skin. They create a barrier on the skin making it appear hydrated but leave the skin greasy and prevent it from breathing.

We do not use mineral oils, artificial fragrance oils or colours in our products.

Many people think that essential oils and massage grade oils are luxury items because they are so much better than cheaper mineral and fragrance oils.

Our aim is to make a high quality skincare regimen an affordable and enjoyable experience.