Stretchmark Reducing Massage Oil

Stretchmarks are a form of scarring very common in pregnancy, affecting most women. They occur when the middle layer of skin tears as it stretches, resulting in reddish or purple lines which lighten over time.

We formulated our Stretchmark Reducing Massage Oil to help minimize the appearance of stretchmarks by increasing the flexibility of the middle layer of skin.

Sweet Almond and Sunflower oils provide rich fatty acids and vitamins to moisturize and protect your skin from drying.

Jojoba oil helps penetrate to the middle layer of the skin improving skin firmness and elasticity.

Vitamin E provides antioxidant protection to the oil and can help nourish your skin.

Neroli and Mandarin essential oils are rejuvenating and help reduce the appearance of scarring.

Massage a small quantity of oil onto your abdomen, breasts and buttocks at least once a day from early in your pregnancy. As your pregnancy develops and your abdomen swells more we suggest you increase this to twice a day. After your pregnancy we also recommend you continue regularly massaging yourself until your body returns to its normal size.